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Rev. Mildred Kinzel Anderson

(Prophetess Mildred)

Prophetess Mildred New Profile pic 2018.

About Prophetess Mildred Kinzel Anderson

An anointed and exceptional woman of God; one whose natural is the supernatural, is an ordained Reverend Minister and Prophetess through the DCI Ministerial Network.  She is also a licensed clergy with the full privileges and opportunities available to an ordained clergy worldwide.  A seer and a counsel to DCI and the DCI Ministerial Network, she serves on the DCI Executive Council.  

Prophetess Mildred is known for her supernatural walk with God which is evidenced in her relationship with God and the manifestation of God's glory, power and presence in her life.  She experiences angelic visitations on an ongoing basis and encounters the Lord Jesus Christ as well.  She is a prophetic voice in this generation that God is raising to the national and international scene.  Her prophetic words into the lives of people comes to pass and has shown proven ministry in the prophetic. 


Rev. Mildred Kinzel Anderson


+ DCI Bible Institute Alumna

School of Ministry & School of Prophets

Class of 2016 & 2017

* Ordained on Nov. 26, 2016


- Destiny Hour Prayer Conference Line

- DCI Annual Prophetic Summit

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