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The DCI Ministerial Network Operations Leadership team comprises of ordained clergy who are committed to championing the vision, goals and objectives of this great network of pastors. It is a privilege to be selected and appointed to serve on the DCIMN Operations Leadership team.  This is where you make the difference by serving diligently, faithfully, and in excellence.  All roles on this team are volunteer positions; where you serve and provide ministry as needed.  Clergy members who desire to serve in any of these positions must email the executive council at

Leadership 2-year Term: Year 2019 - Year 2021

(Renewable for 3 two-year consecutive terms)


Director of Operations 


  • Communicates to and with Executive Council on all Network daily operations

  • Manages Leadership Team

  • Manages all committees

  • Evaluates Leadership team on position functions and attaining of goals and objectives. 


Social Media Coordinator


  • Promotes DCIMN on all social media platforms

  • Builds an online audience for DICMN related activities

  • Responsible for social media ads

  • Maintains DCIMN social media pages and engages members and the general public with current content. 


Hospitality Coordinator


  • Oversees Benevolence Ministry

  • Communicates needs of members to Executive Council for release of resources.

  • Responsible for securing catering services, purchase of meals/drinks for members and guests at events.

  • Responsible for purchasing and setting up welcome packages for guest ministers. 

  • Oversees hotel accommodations are up to standard for members and guests.  


Director of Administration 


Director of Training & Development 


  • Manages Office Functions

  • Processing and Approving of members

  • Financial Oversight of membership, ordination and event fees.

  • Administers Clergy Benevolent Funds 

  • Secures benefits for members


  • Collaborates with Executive Council in implementing training programs.

  • Oversee the running and facilitation of training programs.

  • Publication of training materials

  • Engages external guest speakers for training programs



Publicity Coordinator


  • Advertises DCIMN to the outside world to attract new members.

  • Promotes DCIMN in conventional advertising platforms.

  • Maintains DCIMN newsletter and or magazine

  • Provides information to media houses upon approval from Executive Council


Music/Audio Visual Coordinator


  • Manages the praise and worship ministry for all events.

  • Secures and engages music artists, and musicians for programs/events.

  • Oversees the payment of honorariums to guest musicians.

  • Oversees audio-visual equipment and presentations.

  • Secures media presentation items for events

  • Collaborates with sound engineers for events and programs.


Events Coordinator


  • Oversees the planning and organization of all events; retreats, conferences, summits, seminars, workshops, etc.

  • Secures facilities; hotel accommodation, retreat facilities, etc.

  • Oversees event registrations and communicates event related information to registrants. 

  • Manages guest services for each event from arrivals to departures.


Prayer Coordinator


  • Organizes prayer programs through out the year for clergy members. 

  • Oversees DCIMN intercessory team 

  • Oversees prayer for all DCIMN ministry related events.

  • Oversees ground breaking volunteers for new ministry territories.

ordination 2018 2.png

Rev. Janet Kraku-Odai

General Secretary


  • Provides secretarial support to Leadership team

  • Manages clergy membership (Keep them current and active)

  • Manages official communication to all network members.

  • Keeps records of all leadership minutes, and network programs/events.

  • Provides reports to Executive Council


Logistics Coordinator


  • Responsible for planning and organizing logistics for each event.

  • Rental of transportation vehicles for events

  • Arranges travel for guests and members to DCIMN related events.

  • Secures all rental equipment, tools and resources for all events.

  • Oversees decorations and items needed to set up events such as banners, flower vases, altar items etc. 


Protocol Coordinator


  • Oversees ushers and greeters for all events.

  • Ensures the protocol team has all the resources and tools needed to provide ministry.

  • Manages the safety, traffic controllers and security team.

  • Oversees armor bearer services for executive pastors and guests. 

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