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HOME (DCI Ministerial Network)

Welcome to the official home page of Destiny Changers International Ministerial Network (DCIMN).  We are an international network of ordained and licensed clergy with the vision of equipping members of the five-fold ministry (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher) with the necessary tools, resources and knowledge needed to succeed in fulfilling their call into ministry.  We provide a platform for both new, upcoming and seasoned clergy to exercise their gifts to edify the body of Christ as we look to fulfilling our divine mandate in Ephesians 4:8-11.

DCIMN focuses on bringing together it's members through workshops, seminars, conferences, retreats, webinars and summits to engage them in on-going educational platforms, leadership circles, to increase their knowledge and skills in today's ever changing ministry landscape.  The gospel without the demonstration of the power of God can only go so far, thus the need to impart gifting's and anointing's into the life of clergy members to become effective in ministry. 

With the great commission (Matthew 28) at heart, DCIMN champions the planting of churches, launching of various ministries as members are led to do so.  The network provides a pool of resources that are needed to accomplish such initiatives or visions in the USA and around the world.  There are various discounted programs and affiliations that are available to clergy to use in operating successful ministries, thus DCIMN ensures it's members are connected to the right people and appropriate ministry channels.

As an engaging network of clergy, DCIMN harnesses the talents and skillsets among it's members in areas such as but not limited to business consulting, accounting, financial coaching, formation of non-profits (501 (c) 3), Compliance issues (legalities and liabilities) with running ministries and church administration.  This enables the network to draw from this pool of professionals who are also clergy members, to offer products and services that benefits members in the network.

Indeed, it is one big family of clergy, looking out for one another, providing ministry support, making available benefits that support the growth and sustenance of it's members.  We welcome you to join this network of excellent minded clergy, who bring great credibility and integrity to the work of God.